What Jim Will Do

Getting results requires action, not just talk. Here are some areas in which I’ve gotten results and will continue to take action on to strengthen our neighborhoods and community.

Affordable Housing

Our community needs more affordable housing and we need to help our neighbors get into that housing. I’m doing that work in my roles with the Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority, the Affordable Housing Fund Board and the Coalition to End Homelessness.

Public Health

Our children are our future and we need to continue investing in a healthy start for them. I’ve done that work as a member of the Kent County Child Care Team, the Kent County Prevention Subcommittee and as the coordinator of a developmental support program at Family Futures. I also helped expand behavioral health funding for our Community Mental Health agency in Kent County.

Justice System Reform

Our justice system is inefficient and tends to favor those who are well off in our community. I’ve helped level the playing field through my work on the Kent County Community Corrections Advisory Board and the Michigan Task Force on Jails and Pretrial Incarceration


Healthy families need a healthy environment. Kent County government plays a significant role in what we do with our waste. I’ve always been a strong advocate for reducing what we throw away and recycling what we can. In my work with the Grand River Restoration Steering Committee and various farmland preservation initiatives, I’ve focused on preserving and improving our environment in Kent County.

City-County Collaboration

Grand Rapids and Kent County governments play unique roles in our lives and we need them to work well together. My collaborative style has earned the respect of Grand Rapids Commissioners and staff and is demonstrated by endorsements of my campaign by our Grand Rapids Mayor and both Second Ward City Commissioners.

Are you ready to join me?

The growth and strengthening of our communities are contingent on us collectively engaging and taking action.