Elected Officials


Rosalynn Bliss
Grand Rapids Mayor

Milinda Ysasi copy

Milinda Ysasi
Grand Rapids
City Commissioner


Joe Jones
Grand Rapids
City Commissioner


Kurt Reppart
Grand Rapids
City Commissioner

Kelly Boston
Grand Rapids
Library Commissioner

Jim Botts
Grand Rapids
Library Commissioner

Ron Draayer
City Commissioner

Robert S. Womack
Kent County


Bolded Individuals are 16th District Residents

Gerard Akkerhuis
Jonathan and Leslie Anderson

Melissa Anderson
Richard App & Monica Steimle-App

Tom Appel
Paul Asselin & Jack Sytsma
David Baak and Betty Zylstra

James Balkon
Rick and Cindy Bandstra
Shannon Bass

Syd and Mary Baxter
Larry and Nancy Beckwith
Bear Berends and Liz Oppewal
Len and Carrie Blauwkamp
Doug Booth
Jonathan and Grace Bradford
Lynn and Patricia Bravender
Andrew and Janay Brower
Elizabeth and Pete Bruinsma
Don and Sara Buchholz
Dick Bulkowski, Former County Commissioner
Chuck and Mary Jo Burpee
Kurtis Carlson & Christopher Helmick
Rafael Castanon
Bob and Ann Cooper

Fran Dalton
Tina Demling
Kim DeStigter
Morrie and Mary Dieleman
Tom Dooley
Maureen Fahey Dreher
Daniel Paul Drent
Dusty Duistermas
Mark Dykstra
Melanie Dykstra
Jan Earl
Nancy Etterbeek
Leesha Fagan
Gussie Farris
Susan B. Flakne and Joel Comstock
Joe Fletcher
Jay Fowler
Gary and Nancy Fox
Kathy Freeman
Laurie and Don Gardner
Jenn Gavin
Leanne Geisterfer
Ginny Geldhof
Dr. Steffen and Amy Genthe
Geoffrey and Susan Gillis
Bing Goei
Tom and Kim Grimm
Dr. Julia Guevara and David Lehker
Paul Haan and Julie Nietling
Jill Harkema
Former Mayor George Heartwell
Teresa Hendricks-Pitsch
Joe and Katie Hettinga

Janelle Burden Hill
Bruce and Lisa Hinkel
Jay and Laura Hoekstra
Steve and Sue Hollemans
Katie Hop
Jolanda Howe

Vicki Hudson and G.F. Korreck
Chasity Huff

Rich and Mia Hunefeld
John Hunting
Gordon Hyatt
Dave and Lois Jacobs
Carl Johnson and Suzanne Martin
Sarah Jones

Sophie Jones
Steve and Julie Jones
Judy Jorgenson
Sue Karsen
Carl and Ruth Kelly
Jeffrey Clayton King
Loretta Klimaszewski

Wally and Kathy Kolehouse
Martin Kolenko
Jim and Tammy Koop
Jan Koopman
Kathy Kuhn, Former County Commissioner
John and Mary Kuiper
Moana Kutsche
Alysha Lach White

Marcia Lampen
Diann J. Landers & Douglas J. Dok Jr.
Melody Langeland
Bob and Carol Lautenbach
Nicholas LaVelle
Barb Lester
Mark C. Lewis & Christine Wassenaar
Rich and Sue Liberatore
Tom Logan
Jim Lucas
Phil Makinen
Wendy and Edgar O. Marty
Kevin McCurren
Betsy Melton, Former County Commissioner
Ralph Metcalf
Dan and Kate Miller
Brad Miller & Tracy “Nessa” McCasey
Denavvia Mojet
Nikos Monoyios
Jo Murphy

Amanda Narvaes
Craig G. Nobbelin and Mei Chow
Ben O’Connor
Hattie “The Hat Lady” Patterson
Jim Payne and Char Kruzich
Bill Peterson

Jeff and Kara Phillips
Sarah Poole
Ruth Poshumus and Marlin Feyen
Jon and Gwen Pott
Hon. Lupe Ramos-Montigny
Jim Rinck
Lynne and David Robinson
Mary Robinson and Tom Simmons
Milt and Barb Rohwer
Andrew Ryskamp
Stu Saints
Carlos and Lynne Sanchez
Ken Schmidt and Bill Russell
John and Sharon Schuster-Craig
Herb Seamons

Fred Sebulske
Bob and Carol Sepanik
Donna and Doug Sieplinga
Gregg & Sheila Solomon Shotwell
Lauretta Simpson
Eva Sitek
Don Smalligan and Mary Kenyon
Linda Smith
Bert and Terese Smith
Kim Spring
Maria Zache Starkey
Pete Steensma
Dave and Jan Stek
Lynne and David Swets
Stacey Swift
Elliot Talen
Evan and Hope Talen
Mark Tangen
Carol L. Townsend
Joel Townsend
Chris and Tom Truesdale
Mark VanAllsburg
Peter and Peggy Vander Meulen
Rich VanderMolen
Mike van Eerden and Caroline Bouwense
Duff and Ruth Van Stee

Lee Nelson Weber
Mike and Mary Alice Williams
Steve Wilson
Keith and Jenna Winn
Jim and Connie Winter-Troutwine
Steve and MariJo Yared
Cassie Younts

Jim & Barb McClurg

Founders and Owners of Wealthy Street Bakery and Hall Street Bakery
Former Owners of Four Friends Coffee House


"Grand Rapids has a great friend in Jim Talen. He understands urban issues and is always working to make our City a better place to live. We need him on the Commission!"
Rosalynn Bliss
Grand Rapids Mayor
"Commissioner Talen has a proven track record of engagement. He has ALWAYS worked to make sure City, County and State systems connect to best serve all of us."
Milinda Ysasi
Grand Rapids City Commissioner